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A Buyer’s Guide for Different Types of Window Blinds

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Window blinds are one of the important parts of any decoration home. Just like we decorate the other areas of our home on several occasions like a wedding or the new year. Decorating the windows of your home during these same events is also a necessary part of every home. In the UK, numerous homeowners love to decorate their homes on the new year. They bring new items for their home, including new couches, TV, dining table, and many more items.

If you are also a homeowner and love spending money on these items for your home. Then why don’t you also choose the best treatment for the windows of your home? In this manner, Impress Blinds Ltd is with you to help you find the best window treatment for your home windows. We have many window blinds from which you can easily find your favourite one.

Different Types of Window Blinds for Your Home:

Window blinds are one of those kinds of window treatments that provide an alethically beautiful environment in your home. Typically, a window blind is made of several materials, including vinyl, PVC, plastic, fabric, metal and many more. Some blinds are manufactured as slats, and then these slats are joined together to form a complete product. Impress Blinds Ltd has a huge variety of blinds made of durable and versatile materials. So, let’s dive in and see some of the best choices for your home’s window treatment.

Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are one the most popular kind of window treatment in the entire UK. These blinds are typically used in places like the kitchen and bathroom of any home. However, you can also hang them on the windows of your bedroom, living room or any other room. These blinds are made from a single piece of fabric which helps you block the excess sunlight during the day. Also, these blinds can provide the best level of privacy in your home. Roller blinds at Impress Blinds Ltd are manufactured using top-notch fabric, which helps these blinds to be with you for a very long time.

Moreover, if you like to add some darkness to your home, these blinds also have the option of blackout fabric lining. This helps you get the maximum level of privacy day and night. These blinds are less expensive than other blinds in the family. Moreover, they come in a huge range of variety, materials, colours, styles, and designs. When you think of installing these blinds in your home, make sure that the windows in your home are in perfect shape. They come with a cord that helps you to operate them.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are another popular kind of window blind. In which different materials are used to manufacture the slats of these blinds. At first, one slat is attached to the headrail with the cord on both sides. Then more slats are joined together with the help of that cord and form a complete blind. These blinds have a thinner fabric outside the slats, but they have a rigid material lining inside.

Moreover, you can also use blackout linings with these blinds to get more privacy. At Impress Blinds Ltd, we have a wide variety of vertical blinds made of good quality material. So, if you want to hang them on the windows of your home. Then call us from anywhere in the UK and leave the rest to us. Our vertical blinds are ideal for larger windows, and you can install them both inside and outside of the windows.

Venetian Blinds:

Venetian blinds are also known as aluminium blinds, in which aluminium sheets are converted into slats and joined together to form a complete blind. Moreover, these blinds are also made of real or faux wood in multiple sizes and styles. Impress Blinds Ltd has a wide range of Venetian blinds made of exceptional quality metal. Our blinds have different slats sizes ranging from 15mm to 50mm. Moreover, a cord is attached to them to operate them easily.

These blinds have horizontal slats to cover the whole window perfectly. Like our vertical blinds, the slats of these blinds are also connected at the headrail. Then with the help of a cord, all the slats are joined together and make a complete Venetian blind. Our Venetian blinds are available at very reasonable prices, which are a better option than anyone window coverings. So, buying new Venetian blinds from us gives you the greater benefits you are looking for.

Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds are another famous and the oldest kind of window blinds which have been around us since the era of the roman empire. These blinds are made of a thick form of fabric and are rather thicker than roller blinds. These blinds also contain a cord to operate them. However, there are some rods sewn into them which help them in forming a pleated design when you pull them up.

This pleated design makes them unique and provides a more beautiful and aesthetic view of the window. Impress Blind Ltd also has a huge range of these blinds, including several styles and designs. Our blinds provide many benefits, including energy efficiency, light control and privacy. Moreover, our roman blinds come with a thermal lining which will be very helpful in the winter. Due to the huge range of choices, you can easily choose any roman blinds from our collection and make your home beautiful.

Wooden Blinds:

Wooden blinds are the perfect option if you want to add a natural feeling to your home. These blinds are also made up by joining the slats of real wood, which make them very durable and versatile. These kinds of blinds are ideal for places like living rooms and bedrooms. However, if you live in the UK and your surroundings have more moisture than other parts of the town. In this case, wooden blinds are a bad option for window decoration. As moisture or humidity easily penetrate these blinds and destroys them in days.

However, if you insist on adding a natural feel to your home. Then faux wood blinds will be the best option for you. These blinds are made of vinyl or plastic, an affordable alternative to real wood blinds. Moreover, these blinds are not sensitive to humidity or moisture. With those benefits, you can also install them on your kitchen and bathroom windows. So, if you want to add natural elegance to your home with affordable choices. Just make contact with Impress Blind Ltd and leave the whole process to us.

Vision Blinds:

Vision blinds are another good choice for window decoration. These blinds provide you with the feel of multitasking in one place. As they are made of two different fabric which overlaps each other. One fabric is opaque, and the other is translucent, allowing both privacy and letting lighter your home. These blinds are ideal for those rooms where you don’t want complete privacy at once.

Impress Blinds Ltd has many styles, designs and colours for these blinds. Our blinds will provide you exceptional light control as well as privacy at the same time. Moreover, our blinds provide a unique look to your window, which serves as an independent decoration for windows. So, it would be best if you had to try our blinds once in your life as your new window decoration or treatment.

Final Verdict:

At last, we hope that you have a full idea of all the different and exceptional types of window blinds. All of our blinds are manufactured using the best and most durable materials. Moreover, we also provide 12 months of warranty on all of our products, so you don’t need to worry if your blinds get out of order.

All you have to do is make a phone call and leave all the rest of the work to us. Then you can enjoy your new window blinds on your home’s windows from Impress Blinds Ltd.