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Wooden blinds are really made by using woods, which has a remarkable look which offers the common warm and natural feel to your home style. Many individuals lean toward genuine wooden blinds only for the modernity and refined quality that genuine wood blinds confer to any room. Wood blinds resemble a hand rubbed bit of fine furniture, with an unmistakable fine grain and an excellent surface with one of a kind subtle elements. Most wooden blinds are produced using North American hardwoods, utilizing economical ranger service strategies required today with our diminishing supply of trees. The patina of genuine wood blinds can’t be denied or imitated. This upscale look needs some adoration and care as cruel chemicals should be stayed away from when cleaning. Timber Venetians & Wooden window blinds do give brilliant protection in view of the solid wood development and they offer prevalent security and shield furniture and craftsmanship from brutal daylight. Genuine Timber Venetians & wood blinds are lightweight and enduring and are accessible in more changed size choices, an imperative component when covering huge or oversize windows. On the off chance that you have an exceptional recolored wood trim or you are attempting to match furniture, hardwood blinds come in lovely stains and many types. Genuine wood blinds are a rich option to any home and include an unrivaled warmth of polish. Wood blinds are essentially an overpowering outline decision for your windows. If you are looking for Cheap Timber Venetians or Wood Blinds and still you didn’t find any suitable platform to contact, Impress Blinds is UK based organization whom basic aim is to provide quality and reliable windows blinds to their valued clients in Batley, Yorkshire Manchester, LeedsStoke On Trent, NottinghamSheffieldBirminghamLuton


and Watford and all around UK and all sorounding ares Manchester, Leeds, Stoke, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Luton and Watford. Moreover Impress Blinds is serving in the same field from last many successful years. We always try to provide you the best thing which can change the look of your house in a different way. Our engineers will get in contact with you for measuring the exact size of your windows where you are willing to have wooden blinds. We have a lot more varieties according to your taste. You may also get every size wooden blinds according to your requirement in ManchesterLeedsStoke On TrentNottinghamSheffieldBirminghamLuton and Watford and all around UK..

Wood Blinds are available in oil, laquer and painted finishes in Batley, West Yorkshire UK and all sorounding areas ManchesterLeedsStoke On TrentNottinghamSheffieldBirminghamLuton and Watford.

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Our specialty and facilites are:

  • Free of cost measuring and Fitting
  • 3 vertical blinds for £89
  • Very next day appointment
  • Great Customer Service
  • We will supply and install within a week
  • UK manufactured blinds with exceptional quality
  • Supplying all over the UK’s customers with 12 month warranty

Option Wood Blinds

  • Black Wooden Venetian Blind
  • Oak Wooden Venetian Blind
  • White Wooden Venetian Blind
  • Acacia Hardwood Venetian Blind
  • Faux Wood Cordless Venetian Blind
  • Acacia Extended Drop Wooden Venetian Blinds
  • White Faux Wood Cordless Venetian Blind
  • Glacier Grey Faux Wood Venetian Blind
  • Natural Wooden Venetian Blind
  • Cream Extended Drop Wooden Venetian Blinds
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Blinds By Rooms

Wood Window Cheap Blinds Leeds

Wood Window Blinds

Made from authentic British woods, our range of custom wooden blinds provides attractive finishes. Bespoke patterns and polished designs grace your windows beautifully.

Vertical Window Blinds Leeds

Vertical Window Blinds

Unique vertical window blinds grace large window openings beautifully. Available in all colours and finishes, our range of vertical blinds offer a mix of functionality and aesthetic.

Conservatory Cheap Blinds Leeds

Conservatory Blinds

Cover your conservatory windows with style. Our range of custom conservatory blinds is available with stylish designs and bespoke finishes in all sizes and dimensions.

Roller Blinds UK

Roller Window Blinds

Impress Blinds offers perfect fit Roller window blinds in UK. Our specialised Roller blinds are available with quality materials and perfect fittings on your windows. Roller Blinds are a conventional decision for most window styles.

Metal Venetian Blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds

We have beautifully finished metal venetian blinds for every window. Available in every colour and with waterproof surfaces, our aluminium venetian blinds suit every window.

PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds

PVC Waterproof Vertical

Impress Blinds brings to you some of the very best PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds. These are crafted to perfection with quality materials

Velux & Shutters Blinds

Velux Shutters Blinds

Unique finishes and attractive designs are available with custom Velux shutters blinds. In-frame fitted blinds are perfect for angled attic windows and are available with quality materials.

Vision Blinds

Vision Window Blinds

Vision Blinds are imaginative new window blinds that come with two layers of translucent and murky materials even striped texture for attractive all-day light filtering.

Made to Measure Wooden Blinds

Impress Blinds provides high-quality made to measure wooden blinds for all windows in the UK. Our custom perfect fit wooden window blinds are the perfect match for your windows and interior settings. Make perfect use of outside factors including fresh air and daylight. We design our made to measure wooden blinds perfectly to fit on your windows in the most accurate way. Our wood window blinds form an inch perfect layer of dressing on your windows. Great for temperature insulation with elegant magnificent finishes, our wooden blinds are available in all custom fit sizes and dimensions. Book your doorstep window measuring appointment now. We are available next day in Manchester, Leeds, Stoke On Trent, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Luton, Watford and others around the UK.

Quality Is Our Guarantee

When looking for wooden blinds that will stand true to the test of time while offering perfect functionality, Impress Blinds in the UK is a service provider you can trust. We offer quality build materials that keep our wooden window blinds going strong for long. Accurate machine cut and hand assembled wooden blinds offer their first day functionality for many years. We are trusted by thousands of homeowners and commercial building managers across the country.

  • High-quality wooden blinds for all homes and offices
  • Real wood stripes making your wooden blinds elegant
  • Luxury finishes and all wood colours to choose from
  • Long lasting quality wooden blinds with perfect functionality
  • Onsite window measuring and blinds installation available
  • Quick maintenance visits available with next day appointments

Free Measuring and Fitting Available

Many times, people find their window blinds wrongly fitted. Not having the right tools and experience are often responsible for this. Impress Blinds now provides free window measuring in Manchester, Leeds, Stoke On Trent, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Luton and Watford any day of the week. Book your free window measuring appointment today and get a visit on any day of the week. Once made and ready for installation, our professionals also provide free blinds fittings. Our free window measuring and free blinds fittings provide high value for money. You will never have to book a handyman or another paid blinds fitting expert. Our service provides convenience at your doorstep and the promise of most correctly fitted properly functioning wooden blinds.

Wooden Blinds to Be Proud Of

Do you need truly high-quality wooden blinds that you can be proud of? Impress Blinds in the UK now provide just that opportunity and more. Our home wooden blinds and office window wood blinds are made from best materials. Local British woods are used that are finished and polished to perfection by professional local craftsmen. Our handmade wooden window blinds are always provided with perfect surface finishes and exceptional materials quality. Whether you need wooden blinds for home, flat, apartment or any commercial office interior, we will provide best products for your needs. We are here for your any day of the week. Call now and book your doorstep visit for today or any day of the week.

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Wooden Blinds - FAQ'S

Ans: When you choose to install the wood blinds on the windows of your home then there are several benefits that you can get from these blinds. The top benefits of these blinds are included increased privacy, natural ambience, great insulation, low maintenance, long-lasting and many more.

Ans: Yes, these blinds are little expensive as they are crafted from real wood and as compared to other blinds like roman blinds, vertical blinds, and faux-wood blinds these blinds are much better than those in so many ways and that is why they are expensive.

Ans: Wood blinds made from the natural resources and high-quality wood which are later crafted by a quality manufacturer can last up to a maximum of 8 years but it does matter on the surrounding of your house if you live in a humid area then these are bad choice to install into your home.

Ans: These blinds are very good in providing insulation and have the ability to control the sunlight better than other blinds. So, you can make your room dark during the day while setting down these blind slats right according to the position of the sun.

Ans: The only difference between these two blinds is the resistance to moisture. As real wood blinds are not able to handle the excess moisture but faux wood blinds can handle the excess moisture and that is why these blinds are ideal to be placed in the places like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms etc. where the moisture level is high than other rooms.

Ans: Wood blinds are much better than faux ones because they provide more protection against the harsh solar and Ultraviolet radiations and keep the heat inside your home in the winter season. On the other hand, faux wood blinds are able to provide a great level of insulation but you can’t differentiate them in terms of energy efficiency and insulation.

Ans: The price of wood blinds depends upon the quality, brand, colour, size and built quality. If you buy ready-made wood blinds then it will cost you less than you craft your customized wood blinds. In the UK the wood blinds can cost from £6 to £140 and this price varied according to the size of the windows and if you go with custom made blinds then they will cost you around £12 to £350.

Ans: Wood blinds are a great example among one of those blinds which are fully functional as well as visually attractive. These blinds are very handy for those homeowners who are always looking to decorate their homes with amazing interiors and are fond of modern and minimalistic items to decorate their homes.

Ans: As long as you buy these blinds from a manufacturer who uses only natural materials which are not harmful to the environment to manufacture these wood blinds then it will be a perfect choice as eco-friendly blinds among all others.

Ans: There are three average sizes of slats are present in the market that is 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm which are offered by the numerous retailers but the general width varies between 25mm to 65mm also the width of these slats depends on the sunlight around your house and also the window’s size because wider the slats the more area can be covered by them.

Ans: The general thickness of the good quality wood blind slats is usually 3mm but some retailers reduce this thickness to 2.5 mm to reduce the cost of the blinds. This thickness is generally found in the quality binds that are made to measure and crafted from environmentally friendly materials.

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