Vertical Blinds For Sale in UK

Vertical Blinds help you control light without losing privacy. For large or small windows, french doors, patio doors or curve bay windows, they open complete, bunch to each side (split half and half) and you can have a complete opening of your window. Available in every colour range in 89mm louvre size. Vertical Blinds are both practical and affordable and look elegant on large surfaces. All our Vertical blinds come with a wand (stick) control or chain control. Our versatile machinery and robots allow us to make any size made to measured verticals.
Our vertical blinds ranges are available in fabrics which are now machine washable, Waterproof/steam proof and wipeable range in Batley, Yorkshire Uk and all sorounding ares Manchester, Leeds, Stoke, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Luton and Watford.

Over 500 styles and colours to choose from Impress Blinds is the leading stockist of Exclusive and award winning designs. Available in jacquards, prints, sheers, translucent and flame retardant materials to find your perfect vertical blind setting.

  • Clear hooks and hangers
  • Child Safe cordless blinds
  • Nickel chain joining louvres
  • Move and adjust your blind with an Apollo Blinds Elegance wand

Motorised Elegance vertical blinds are also available featuring a powered louvre system with 8 tilt and traverse functions and automatic Night and Day settings in Batley, West Yorkshire UK and all sorounding areas ManchesterLeedsStoke On TrentNottinghamSheffieldBirminghamLuton and Watford
Choose from jacquards, prints, sheers, translucent and flame retardant materials to find your perfect vertical blind solution.

vertical blinds
Vertical Blinds

Buy With Confidence

  • Over 400 fabrics in our collection
  • Made in UK
  • 12 month Guarantee on all products
  • Child Safe – No trailing cords or chains on slow rise
  • Adjust the open position to suit your room
  • Motorised blinds available
  • Made to measure bespoke to any size

Option Vertical Blinds

  • Options include a fabric insert vertical blinds,
  • chainless bottom weights vertical blinds,
  • aluminium pelmets vertical blinds,
  • wand control and cathedral applications vertical blinds

Blinds By Rooms

Wood Window Cheap Blinds Leeds

Wood Window Blinds

Made from authentic British woods, our range of custom wooden blinds provides attractive finishes. Bespoke patterns and polished designs grace your windows beautifully.

Vertical Window Blinds Leeds

Vertical Window Blinds

Unique vertical window blinds grace large window openings beautifully. Available in all colours and finishes, our range of vertical blinds offer a mix of functionality and aesthetic.

Conservatory Cheap Blinds Leeds

Conservatory Blinds

Cover your conservatory windows with style. Our range of custom conservatory blinds is available with stylish designs and bespoke finishes in all sizes and dimensions.

Roller Blinds UK

Roller Window Blinds

Impress Blinds offers perfect fit Roller window blinds in UK. Our specialised Roller blinds are available with quality materials and perfect fittings on your windows. Roller Blinds are a conventional decision for most window styles.

Metal Venetian Blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds

We have beautifully finished metal venetian blinds for every window. Available in every colour and with waterproof surfaces, our aluminium venetian blinds suit every window.

PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds

PVC Waterproof Vertical

Impress Blinds brings to you some of the very best PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds. These are crafted to perfection with quality materials

Velux & Shutters Blinds

Velux Shutters Blinds

Unique finishes and attractive designs are available with custom Velux shutters blinds. In-frame fitted blinds are perfect for angled attic windows and are available with quality materials.

Vision Blinds

Vision Window Blinds

Vision Blinds are imaginative new window blinds that come with two layers of translucent and murky materials even striped texture for attractive all-day light filtering.

Perfect Fit Vertical Blinds for All Windows

Impress Blinds is a trusted windows blinds service provider in many parts of the UK including Manchester, Leeds, Stoke, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Luton and Watford. Our vertical blinds for home, flat, apartment and office windows provide the right window coverage for every requirement. With high-quality materials and moving parts, our vertical blinds last a long time while looking good and working perfectly. Enjoy great vertical blinds at discounted prices. We provide even cheaper prices on bulk purchases. Our perfect fit vertical blinds are made to fit on your specific windows.

  • Perfect fit vertical blinds for all residential and commercial windows
  • Made to measure fittings with comprehensive attention to detail
  • Leading materials quality with long-lasting vertical blinds
  • We make sure there are no less than perfect fittings on your blinds
  • Trusted vertical blinds company in UK offering premium products
  • Affordable windows blinds with perfect fit finishes and quality materials
PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds
vertical blinds

High-Quality Vertical Blinds Materials

Elegant vertical blinds are all about their materials quality. Impress Blinds guarantees top materials for your vertical windows blinds. Our locally produced high-quality materials keep your blinds looking good as new for long time. Brilliant finishes for your window dressings also make a good impression. We have availability for all colors, finishes and designs with made to measure vertical blinds in your area. Our professional service delivers accurate vertical blinds that grace your home or office windows perfectly. Get quality doorstep service in Manchester, Leeds, Stoke, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Luton and Watford today. Call us or get a quick quote by filling our form. We are available 24/7 with leading vertical windows blinds.

Free Window Measuring and Blinds Fitting with Next Day Appointment

Tired of having to bring and fit your own windows blinds just to find that you missed

an inch or even a centimeter? These are problems every non-professional person can have. Impress Blinds now provides onsite doorstep window measuring in many parts of the UK. We design your vertical blinds based on accurate professional measurements. When done, we deliver them to your doorstep and our professionals also offer free vertical blinds fittings on your home or office windows. There is never a chance of a wrongly sized set of vertical window blinds or one that is fitted wrong. Accurate window coverings are provided with 100% functionality for a long time.

Elegant Designs and Long-Lasting Functionality

Impress Blinds is a name of quality in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, Luton and many other parts of the UK. We provide elegant vertical blinds designs and long-lasting functionality. We use just the best materials and top-quality moving parts including pulling strings and metallic bits. All fittings are provided with long-lasting features as well. Our vertical blinds make sure to grace your windows for a long time while looking good as new for all that while. Get elegant designs that will make your interiors pop out with color and pattern. We serve vertical window blinds of the highest quality making your windows more versatile and presentive.

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Vertical Window Blinds - FAQ'S

Ans: The most common and standard sizes for the vertical blinds are 24 by 72 inches to 72 by 72 inches. You can buy any size between these to get amazing vertical blinds. If you want wider and longer than these sizes then the customized option is there for you and you can order right according to your window’s measurement.

Ans: The width of vertical blinds can be measured by the width of each slat on which they consist of. The average size of each slat varies from 2 inches to 3 inches and can be customized easily according to the need. Wider the slats of these blinds provide them with a denser look and less space left for the light to pass through them.

Ans: As we know these blinds are the very perfect option for the privacy of your home. All you need to measure the window is a Measuring Tape, a Pencil and, a Note Pad. Use a measuring tape to measure from the top of the window and then from the middle of the window and then from the bottom of the window and note down these measurements on the notepad.

Ans: To hang these blinds you have to see only one thing that is the recess of the window. If the window’s recess is 6 inches or more and the windows open outwards then you can place these blinds inside the recess and if the windows have a recess less than 6 inches and open inwards then you can place these blinds outside the recess (on the room walls 6 inches wide form the window corners).

Ans: No, vertical blinds as compared to other window treatments are much more affordable and provide a more aesthetic look to the windows. Moreover, these blinds are very easy to manage and clean so they always look fresh. Due to their simple design, these blinds are the perfect choice to get a fresh look for the interior of your home.

Ans: Perfect fit vertical blinds are very easy and quick to install on the windows. They are directly attached to the window frame so there is no need for the usage of drill or fitting rails for these blinds.

Ans: yes, we can cut these blinds to get the exact size of them. For that purpose, you need sharp scissors, a pencil, and a glue gun. First, open the pocket beneath the blinds and take out the blind material and then mark that blind material according to the exact size and then cut the excess and then placed that material back inside the pocket again and seal the pocket with the help of a glue gun.

Ans: The ideal for vertical blinds is 72 inches or 6 feet which is perfect for the windows and sliding doors because the usual size of these doors is 80 inches. So, this height is very ideal for them.

Ans: the s-shape in these means the shape of the vanes of the blinds which is designed in the shape of S, which is very helpful in covering the windows more accurately than normal vertical blinds and they provide more control over the light and give a more aesthetic look to the windows of your home.

Ans: Vertical blinds were and will be in style due to numerous reasons just like they are perfect for every type of window, sliding doors and many more places in the home and these blinds are also extremely functional and versatile which makes them the number choice for every home’s interior decoration.

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