Window Integral Blinds

Impress Blinds is the most experienced and skilled provider of bespoke windows blinds based in Batley w. Yorkshire. Our Venetian, roller and pleated integral blinds sealed in the space between glazed glass units are manufactured and assembled in United Kingdom.
Quality is our number one priority. We manufacture our own patent pending components and do not source from overseas. We are the only company in UK to offer 20 years guarantee against faulty workmanship and components.

All our blinds are offered in colour matching slider magnets for easy operation. This new category of Integral Blinds gets fitted inside your double-glazed windows units on the window or door glass itself. Integral Blinds Inside Glass are the perfect option when you want a perfectly concealed and neat outlook as all the action happens right on the glass with no part of these blinds carrying forward to any of your walls, windowpanes or outside surfaces. You will always have perfectly new and neat walls and windowpanes with no drilling or nailing required for any of their parts.

If you want perfect Venetian Blinds Fitted Inside Glass, our new Integral Blinds are the perfect choice. With a structure and fitting style that makes these fit Between the Glass Blinds for Windows, this new style by Impress Blinds are as neat as it gets. Our new Integral Blinds in Glass or on the glass of your windows or doors is a technological breakthrough that is also the safest option in the market right now. With small and discreet magnets that find themselves neatly tucked into this whole windows blinds design, you will be able to slide them up or down opening or shutting your windows blinds very efficiently. Using the age old magnetic technology, Impress Blinds has come up with a perfect way to integrate them with an advanced magnetically controlled sliding mechanism. Easy raise and lowering of the blinds are a result of this new implementation.

Integral Blinds


Permanently placed inside the gap of sealed glass units, they not only looks beautiful but also are maintenance free. Always stays clean and not affected by high winds even when windows are open as they are fitted very close to the window or door glass becoming a part of it as a result. Your perfect Venetian Blinds have not been given a professional treatment like our advanced Integral Blinds.

The whole mechanism in our Venetian integral blinds is magnet operated with everything looking as neat and spotless as your doors or windows deserve. These Blinds Between Glass are so close to the actual glass on your windows or doors that they become a part of it. No part or material of them is ever flowing out of the window glass area ending up in a perfect neat look. Configuring essentially powerful magnets alongside the rail of your door or window, we make raising and lowering your beautiful Venetian Blinds easier than ever before with our efficient Integral Blinds implementation. Available in all colours and patterns, our perfect Venetian Blinds with this new twist of Integral Blinds are the perfect choice for your house, commercial retail store, school, bank or any other domestic or commercial building windows.

Integral Blinds

Our blinds also include:

  • Our own patented design
  • Manufactured and assembled in United Kingdom
  • Unmatched by our competitors, we offer 20 years guarantee against faulty workmanship.
  • Short lead time from order to completion.
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Free measuring and fitting service.
  • To operate
    The blinds inside the glass easy to use with a neatly magnetically operated sliding holder allowing you to tilt, lower and raise the blinds.

Option Vertical Blinds

  • Options include a fabric insert Integral blinds
  • Chainless bottom weights Integral blinds
  • Aluminium pelmets Integral blinds
  • Wand control and cathedral applications Integral blinds

Blinds By Rooms

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Available in a range of colours, pleated blinds are ideally suited to all types of doors, window and conservatories roofs. Why not have them with the advanced twist of Magnetic & Motorised Integral Blinds. Windows Blinds of the future, these new Integral Blinds are a perfect selection for people who want their good old pleated blinds to become more secure, beautiful and neat. With our advanced research and skill in windows blinds, we are able to fit this entire pleated integral blinds setup inside the window or door glass. Your Doors with Integral Blinds will look neat and well covered making the insides of your house or building private but still lit with natural daylight when you prefer.

If you have kids in the house or run a school, these perfect inside glass integral style blinds will suit perfectly securing your blinds as well as making them safe for the kinds. As there is part of them hanging out, there are no sharp edges that can cause injuries. Everything is magnet operated that are also tucked away in safe to use pieces of materials inside their dedicated rails alongside your doors or windows. Just slide the magnet bar down to open the windows up and slide it up to roll your blinds back down. It simply doesn’t get neater than this at all.


Impress Blinds is the top choice in West Yorkshire when it comes to making your windows and glass doors look great. Our windows and door blinds provide highest value for money and with our new and advanced style of Integral Blinds, we have made it even easier to enjoy inside privacy with all the daylight when required. Our perfect Integral Blinds style Venetians, Rollers and Pleated Blinds offer full opening of windows with a full slide, titling them to get a good amount of daylight and outside view and also full

Integral Blinds


Available in a range of colours and patterns, these blinds are ideally suited to kitchen windows in sizes to suit all windows up to 2 meters wide.
No more will you have to pull down on those always stuck strings to open your windows up letting in all the daylight. Magnet operated, our Blinds Inside Doors and Windows Glass make rolling your roller blinds up and down on windows just a breeze. These stay clean at all times and you can also clean behind the rail very easily. No more dirty strings with all that oil and smudges caught between its moving parts.

Impress Blinds in the West Yorkshire region aims to provide our clients just the perfect windows blinds. Our new and modern Integral blinds are yet another improvement to the good old string and slide style of blinds. We continue to work hard for our clients in order to provide them highest quality of roller blinds in this new integral blinds format. Have neat and clean looking roller blinds on your windows at all times with just the right designs and colour combinations.

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