PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds

Sleek PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds for UK Windows

Impress Blinds brings to you some of the very best PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds. These are crafted to perfection with quality materials and made to measure aesthetics. Availability in all colours, sizes and finishes for PVC waterproof vertical blinds makes them perfect for any windows in the UK. Durable PVC materials and their iconic waterproof capabilities make PVC vertical blinds the perfect choice for any domestic or commercial windows.

  • Beautifully crafted PVC waterproof vertical blinds available in the UK
  • Long lasting PVC vertical blinds available in all sizes and dimensions
  • All surface finishes including gloss and matte available with custom PVC blinds
  • Made to measure PVC vertical blinds available for all designs and types of windows
  • All colours and shades are available with PVC vertical blinds anytime

Blackout Easy Clean PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds

The synthetic polymer of our PVC waterproof blinds is the easiest to clean. All you need is any surface cleaner and a clean cloth. Spray and wipe for anytime clean PVC vertical blinds. Their large stripes also make them super easy to clean. Perfect for offices, living rooms and other interior settings, these are fully blackout blinds as well. PVC vertical blinds function like any other vertical blinds’ styles. Open them up for maximum daylight in your room or have them shut for privacy and blackout.

  • Easy clean easy wipe PVC waterproof vertical blinds at Impress Blinds
  • Large vertical stripes enabling easy wipe and clean feature
  • Wipeable blinds with full blackout features for every room
  • Long lasting PVC materials providing good as new finish for longer
  • Blackout PVC verticals available for all windows and doors
PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds 1
PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds

Durable Heat Welded Pet Friendly PVC Blinds with No Chains

These specialized PVC heat welded vertical blinds are perfectly pet friendly as there are no connecting chains or strings involved. With lasting welded slats, these PVC waterproof vertical blinds from Impress Blinds offer maximum functionality and zero inconveniences. Impress Blinds has heat welded PVC waterproof vertical blinds available in all sizes, colours and finishes. Our heat welds stand the test of time and also quality materials for these PVC vertical blinds stay functional for long time.

More Than 60 Patterned and Plain Styles Available

At Impress Blinds, we deliver style and durability together. Our quality PVC waterproof vertical blinds are available in more than 60 patterns and plain designs. Whether you need to colour match them on your windows or provide accents for the room, there will be an option suitable for your preference. Our large variety of custom designs and styles for PVC vertical blinds make them the perfect match for any interior design for any window.

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PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds

PVC Waterproof Vertical

Impress Blinds brings to you some of the very best PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds. These are crafted to perfection with quality materials

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Waterproof PVC Blinds Perfect for Any Window

The characteristic PVC materials with our latest PVC waterproof vertical blinds make them the perfect choice for any windows in your home or commercial building. Use them with peace of mind on bathroom windows, kitchen windows or any industrial windows where water or liquid exposure is unpredictable. These specialized waterproof PVC vertical blinds by Impress Blinds will last the lest of time while keeping their look and feel for the longest time.

  • Specialized waterproof PVC vertical blinds for home kitchens and bathrooms windows
  • Durable lasting PVC vertical blinds for your garage or storage room windows
  • PVC vertical blinds for industrial windows and commercial buildings
  • Lasting vertical keeping their new look and feel for a long time on windows
  • Quality functionality with welded operation making these perfect for long-term use

PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds Heat Welded Options

  • Beautifully crafted PVC waterproof vertical blinds available in the UK
  • Long lasting PVC vertical blinds available in all sizes and dimensions
  • All surface finishes including gloss and matte available with custom PVC blinds
  • Made to measure PVC vertical blinds available for all designs and types of windows
  • All colours and shades are available with PVC vertical blinds anytime
PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds

Made to Measure PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds Available

Impress Blinds has advanced PVC vertical blinds designing equipment and dedicated professionals offering made to measure blinds. These perfect fit blinds are custom-made on orders for all window sizes and measurements. You can get in touch now and get perfect fit made to measure PVC waterproof vertical blinds for your specific windows.

  • Made to Measure PVC vertical blinds available for every window
  • Perfect fit PVC blinds offering maximum functionality anytime
  • Attractive finishes and quality materials for perfect PVC blinds
  • Professionally finished PVC vertical blinds available in the UK

Free Window Measurement and Blinds Fittings Available

Impress Blinds is dedicated to provide the best windows blinds service for our clients. For select areas, cities and towns in the UK, our free window measurement and free fitting services are available for all homes and commercial buildings. We send out professionals to your specified location where they take perfect measurements of your windows. Get free fitting for your PVC waterproof vertical blinds with perfect accurate finishes. Our professional fitters make sure all sides and corners are fitted to your exact specifications. We ensure neat and clean finish for your windows blinds.

We are available 24/7 for blinds services in ManchesterLeedsStokeNottinghamSheffieldBirminghamLutonWatford and many other parts of the country.Call us now to book your free window measurement appointment and also free fitting appointment in select areas. Fill our form to get a quick quote now.

PVC Waterproof Vertical Blinds - FAQ'S

Ans: PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride a material that is used to make several items including window blinds. Due to their waterproof qualities, they are ideal for homes located in humid areas of the country as these blinds are also moisture-proof so they will last long. So, if you live in the area around the entire UK that is more humid than others then you can contact us to get these PVC window blinds.

Ans: Yes, Our entire range of PVC blinds are waterproof because they are made from high-quality PVC material which makes them durable and waterproof. This feature makes them the best option for the rooms like bathrooms and kitchens in your home because they can handle the extra moisture of those places and easily survive in that condition and due to their excellent construction, these blinds are also capable of providing you with the high level of privacy of those places where you install them.

Ans: For places like bathrooms, you can choose several blinds like faux wood blinds, aluminium blinds, and also PVC blinds. PVC blinds are the best and top choice for bathrooms as they are great for humid areas and can control the moisture in the places like the bathroom. Moreover they are very easy to clean and maintain. So, if you are interested in installing these PVC blinds in your bathroom then just contact us and get your blinds installed as soon as you want.

Ans: Our made-to-measure PVC blinds can be used on the shower windows because they are moisture-resistant which makes them best option for places like shower and hot tub areas. Moreover these blinds are highly efficient in providing privacy and improve the look of your bathroom. So, you can easily rely on our services for installing these blinds in your bathroom.

Ans: PVC Venetian blinds are also known as faux wood blinds which are made from PVC material and make them light-weight, water-resistant, moisture-proof and economical. Our PVC blinds are the best option for every room of your home whether it is your room or your children’s room or the places like kitchen, bathroom or conservatory of your home. In short, you can install our PVC Blinds by getting help from our experts anywhere in your home you want to.

Ans: According to several studies the average life span of PVC blinds is around seven to eight years. But they can last longer if they are manufactured by using excellent materials and then properly maintained. These blinds can last more than eight years. The same case is with our PVC blinds because we manufacture our PVC blinds with high-quality PVC material which makes them the most durable blinds among all.

Ans: No, our PVC blinds never absorbs water because they have non-hygroscopic polymers which prevent them from absorbing water into pallets or slats of these blinds. Although, dampness can happen if these blinds remain in contact with water for a long time. But that dampness can be reduced by opening the window of your bathroom or kitchen or any place where you install them or by just wiping the extra amount of water from their surface.

Ans: Our Wood and Pvc Blinds Both are the exceptional type of window blinds but when we compare these two kinds of blinds, there are some factors which will enlighten their comparisons like strong wind, rain, and sunlight. Our PVC blinds are better than wood blinds in blocking the sunlight and more capable to block UV rays than wood blinds. Moreover they are also capable of bearing heavy rain and strong but wood blinds cannot.

Ans: The process of cleaning PVC blinds is simple as other blinds. At first, you have to remove dust both sides of PVC blind’s slats. Then you need a tub of warm water with some cleaning soap in it and then dip our PVC blinds for some time and at last you need to buff them with shining spray and your PVC blind become new as they were.

Ans: According to all factors the conservatory blinds are more expensive than other blinds because they required more area to cover. So, that to get the best price for these blinds you can contact us. One of the team members will come to your home and get all the requirements and then the best and most affordable price will be given to you.

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